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Jazz by Alex Travers Trio

Join us for an evening with the "Alex Travers Trio," where classical meets contemporary. North Carolina native, Alex Travers, seamlessly blends his violin virtuosity with modern rhythms, reflecting a rich journey from regional orchestras to Asheville's vibrant music scene. Dive into a night of intricate melodies and compelling artistry. Don't miss out!

Just Open Mic Thursdays hosted by Jenny Bradley

Every Thursday, The Hound Lounge transforms into a stage of raw talent with 'Just Open Mic', hosted by the phenomenal Jenny Bradley. Whether you're an artist ready to shine or an enthusiast of genuine performances, join us for an evening where creativity knows no bounds. Dive into a world of passion, artistry, and community - where every act might just unveil tomorrow's star or a facet of you yet undiscovered. Don't miss this weekly celebration at The Hound!

Venezuelan pop-up with Chef Bustos from Palmita

Join us at The Hound for a special Venezuelan culinary pop-up by Chef Bustos. Experience the rich tapestry of flavors, from hearty Arepas and Cachitos to exotic yuca and passion fruit. Dive into a communal dining ambiance with plans to introduce Parrillada, all encapsulating the authentic essence of Maracaibo. Don't miss this gastronomic journey!